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Had pup to the vet yesterday, He said she was not only beautiful but in perfect health. Thank you so much for this beautiful addition to our family.

 Have a blessed weekend ,Corinne.

Hi Pamela, we took the pups to our vet this afternoon and he was very happy with their appearance, health and conformation of both pups, we have them set up on a schedule to get all of their wormings, shots,etc. the staff at our clinic, which is very large with 6 vets, went crazy over the pups! They really made a hit appearance,

The pups have settled in well and are ramming all over the house. Our big dog Polly has accepted them very well and they are

sleeping together. She has to get away from them at times but has not been aggressive toward them at all,

We are very happy with our acquisition and hope to have many years of pleasure from these wonderful little dogs.

Thanks, Clark and Debbie

 Newton is almost 7 months old now. He is doing real well. Wensday night he graduates from obedience school. He pretty much runs things around here. He loves to ride with us and likes to sleep as soon as the truck gets moving. Of course he sleeps in bed with us. He's a bit of a celebrity, especially at the pet supply store. He demands a bit of attention and kind of lets you know when he feels neglected. We have a nice area in which he and I take daily walks.

Thanks so much for the kid in the fur coat



 I just want to thank you again for taking the time to meet us this evening to deliver the puppy. He is adorable, the kids have named him "snickers" and he has easily adopted to his new family. He truly is a handsome little one and we will keep you updated.

Thanks again for this beautiful little guy.

Rose Marie


  I just wanted to give you an update, Snickers continues to be the love of our life and a real attention getter. Everyone who sees him just loves him and if they are interested in a puppy we of course have and will continue to pass on your name. I will never hesitate to recommend you as a breeder and who knows, maybe one day we will be in the market for another one.

Thanks Again

Rose Marie


 I am sending you pictures of our puppy Sophie at 6 months today. She was about 4 lbs. when we got her, and now she is about 7lbs. She lost a lot of her black fur and is now red in it's place. (only her ears and tail have black left) She has been spayed and has grown a good amount since January. We were wondering, when your next litter is born, could we come up and see the puppies? I am sure Sophie would enjoy meeting her parents again too.

Thanks so much for bringing Sophie into our lives

The Grunder Family


Hi Pam, I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the puppy we got from you in Feb. She is so sweet and good natured. Every time I take her to Cornell for shots they have gone crazy over her. They ask about you and if you are local, and say that you must be doing something right because Emma is such a good little puppy, they love her! They are impressed with her coat and her good nature. I just wanted to thank you again, little Emmie is delightful, we love her a lot. I've had a few people asking about you, so let me know if and when you may have puppies available and I will pass the info along. I will be in touch.



It's a little over two months since we bought our beautiful little puppy from you. We love her. She's just wonderful, adorable and so sweet tempered. We named her Giola (Joya) only with the Italian spelling, and she is a joy. I guess that by now all the other puppies have found homes. It was great advice you gave us about putting a stuffed toy in with the puppy. She didn't cry. She adapted beautifully and still sleeps with and plays with it. If anyone in this area has one of your puppies and wants to get together and have a play date with the puppies, you can give my number or email address. I would recommend any of your puppies, they would make a great addition to anybody's family.



     It's hard to believe Sadie will be six months old. She has brought such joy to our home.

Thank You



Hi Pam,

Hilda is doing well she kept her sable coat. She is a beautiful dog. She is very friendly and makes friends with everyone who comes in.

Thanks a bunch



 I remember you requested a picture of Sonic , who we now call Kershaw, at 6 months He is the love of our lives.Still very playful and

lovable.He comes to work with me every day and is very spoiled. He even has his own instagram account. @kershawthedodgerdog

Thank you again for providing us with such a special pet.



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